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10" Chakra Color Sining Bowl Set

  • Heal your mind and body deeply and holistically, calm your mind, unlock your body's chakras and release hidden energy! This is sound as medicine. This complete crystal singing bowl set is made for this exact purpose, for you to heal naturally and grow spiritually. Imported from Nepal and made with Nepali Quartz which carry high spiritual energy, crystals from here are known for their amazing healing properties. Crystal singing bowls are Eastern medicine. The bowls are made of 99.993% Nepali quartz (purest available), making them incredibly resonant with magnified healing properties. The bowls are designed so that they are specifically tuned most accurately to the 7 chakras.

    Crystals have inherent healing properties which combined with tuned sounds work to amplify the healing benefits. Each bowl emit a powerful, healing resonant sound.Notes A-G

    Each bowl comes with a striker and rubber ring stand.

    7 precisely-tuned Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls in 440hz or 432hz tuning, chosen in consideration of their voice, tone, pitch and tuning: 14” C, 13” D, 12” E, 11” F, 10” G, 9” A, 8” B.

    Application: Sound healing and meditation, prayer, buddhist, yoga, stress reduction, balancing body chakra, adjusting our emotional state and so on.

    Individual bowls in this set are not sold separately.

    ***Please note that it takes 1 - 2weeks to process orders for singingbowls + accessories***

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