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Mookaite Pocket Mala

  • ~Supports During Time Of Stress

    ~Encourages Versatility

    ~Helps To Accept Change



    ~Eases Fear




    Malas always have 108 Beads. There are also variations of malas like pocket malas or mala bracelets and they may have 27 beads or 54 beads, or any multiple of 9, as 9 is a sacred number in Yoga. If you're wanting to meditation with your pocket mala then you must pull the pocket mala through your fingers 4 times  in order to complete 108 mantras or mediations. 

    Our malas are handmade in USA. They are a great tool for those who practice meditation, chanting mantra or other religious practices. It brings inner calm, peace and a feeling of satisfaction. They are used to keep you focused and away from distraction. These types of beads are used by monks in various parts of Asia and around the world. In Tibetan, Buddhism or Hinduism, 108+1 beads are used for mantra chanting, yoga and zen meditation.

    Please note that due to the natural state of crystals, products may have slight variations from the picture.

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