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MEDIUM - Singing Bowl Nesting Bag

  • Fits 10" - 13" Singing Bowls

    Protect your crystal singing bowl with this high-quality Crystal Singing Bowl Case. Made of purple nylon, with a flower of life design, this heavy-duty crystal singing bowl bag is designed to protect your crystal meditation bowl during storage or transport.

    This Crystal Singing Bowl Case includes a storage sleeve in the lid for your black rubber ring and another storage sleeve on the outside of the case for your suede striker.

    Crystal Singing Bowls are the best type of meditation and healing bowls, due to their crystalline structure, which most resembles the crystalline structures of our bodies. Protect your investment in your crystal singing bowl with this high-quality crystal singing bowl case.

    The effectiveness of your crystal singing bowl is reliant upon the integrity of its crystal. A chip, crack or even scratch, can change the tone of your bowl. These crystal singing bowl cases will protect your meditation bowl, keeping it from harm. 

    ***Please note that it takes 1 - 2weeks to process orders for singingbowls + accessories***

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